My DNS isn’t working!

This article is about a couple of small tips to check your dns health using public tools. These are pretty easy tools and helps you to understand whether is it your DNS or your ISP having issues or something else.

First of all, check if your DNS is responding in different ISP or not. Simply enter your domain here and use the “A” check:

It should return the same IP in all the dns without any error. If it is returning multiple IPs, then looks like, you have ambiguous nameservers in your domain registry. Check if your set DNS nameservers are correct.

If it is returning any error, then, first trace using the “DNS Trace” option you can find here:

If they are responding with “Got Authoritative Answer”, then try any of the following dns health test to see if there are some internal command error:


It could be an error related to custom nameserver or some specific dns entry. The above tools would specify where do you have the error.

In any case, you do not understand or having issues with anything related to DNS, do not hesitate to contact Mellowhost Support immediately.

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