How to update roundcube/phpmyadmin settings in directadmin?

Sometimes you may need to change the configuration settings of Roundcube, PHPMyAdmin or SquirrelMail from default values. The values are primarily set by directadmin custombuild.

How to change settings of Roundcube/PHPMyAdmin in Directadmin?

Directadmin stores these 3rdparty data in the following folder:


If you want to change the roundcube settings for example, browse the file

nano /var/www/html/roundcube/

Database settings for roundcube available under:


The same would be true for “config.php” file for SquirrelMail and “” file for PHPMyAdmin.

If you would like to set your own settings next time you run the custombuild make sure to copy a version of these files under the following locations:


This will include the custom settings for you while the software updates by custombuild.

Converting mbox to maildir

mbox and maildir both are popularly used techniques to store mails. The simple way to understand the difference is, mbox uses a single directory to store all mails while maildir would utilize a directory structure to store mails. Most of the cases, advance mail receiving techniques IMAP over POP3 uses these sort of folder based concept to provide enhancement in mail organizing.

If you are having a POP3 account using mbox, you can use an open source tool called mb2md to convert it to maildir.

Full reference and how to use the tool is available here:

How to convert mbox to maildir using mb2md?

First download the mb2md script from the developer

$ wget
$ gzip -d
$ chmod 755

Now, converting is simple. Use as following:

$ -s /locationofmbox -R -d /destinationofmaildir

-s defines the source of the mbox, the location would depend on the type of environment you are using.
-R defines recursively do for all subdirectories
-d defines the destination of maildirectory inbox.

How to convert mbox to maildir in a directadmin instance manually?

For Example, if you are using Directadmin control panel, the mbox spool is located under /var/spool/virtual/ You would want to run something like this to convert the mbox into maildir in a directadmin control panel:

$ -s /var/spool/virtual/ -R -d /home/username/imap/
$ chown -Rf username:mail /home/username/imap/