How much data does Mellowhost have in their Backup?

It should be pretty known if you are a Mellowhost customer that we backup our servers on daily basis. We are currently using R1Soft CDP for each of our servers. All the backup servers are offsite, that means they are not hosted in the same server you are using with Mellowhost and not even in Softlayer network.

We currently have 3 backup servers. Most of our agents are using R1Soft CDP 3 Enterprise Edition, although, two of the agents are still using CDP 2. Some of our servers have 10 days retention and some with 14 days. Here is a stat I was able to retrieve from my CDP panel about the Disk Safe usage:

  • Beret: 334.6GB
  • Hemonto: 1090.6GB
  • Mellow1: 631.1GB
  • Natasha: 454GB
  • Stack1: 70.1GB
  • Khanika: 436GB
  • Kinchit: 345.7GB

Total: 3362.1GB

We have nearly 300GB of rsync backup for some of our pretty old servers which I didn’t count here. Just for a note, all the backups use QuickZ compression if CDP 3 or Gzip Compression if CDP 2. That means these values are shown after compression of original data.

Your data is secure with us. We do take regular backups, no matter what size it is. Although, it is recommended for everyone to keep backups of their databases at least once a week. It is always better to have an extra contingency plan when the question comes to data security.

Happy Hosting!

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