How to see all the constraints in a Postgresql Database

To see/list the constraints, first, connect to the database using the following:

\c my_prod;

Here we are assuming the database name is my_prod. Please note, we are putting these commands in the psql client utility.

Now, use the following query to list all the constraints in the database:

select pgc.conname as constraint_name,
       ccu.table_schema as table_schema,
from pg_constraint pgc
         join pg_namespace nsp on nsp.oid = pgc.connamespace
         join pg_class  cls on pgc.conrelid = cls.oid
         left join information_schema.constraint_column_usage ccu
                   on pgc.conname = ccu.constraint_name
                       and nsp.nspname = ccu.constraint_schema
order by pgc.conname;

Good luck

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