What is SOP (Suspension Overcome Period)?

SOP is a term we use to fix up the suspensions relating to our RAP (Resource Abuse Policy). If one of the account is suspended due to abusing the server resources (Like high load or memory), one can request to enable SOP mode for his account and fix the issue. When SOP mode is ON, that site can't be accessed through browser, while the user is able to login to Cpanel, FTP, Mysql to fix the issue up. As soon as the issue gets fixed, one can request to support to disable to SOP mode and get the account back to its old status. Please note, SOP mode is not eligible to be used for all types of account, but most of the accounts suspended for the reason of RAP, can have a resolution using SOP. In case, you need to access your site to fix the issue up, you need to let our abuse department know to enable the "SOP II" mode on your account, please note, we won't enable "SOP II" mode until you have a proper reason for that.

Please contact our abuse department in case you need further information.

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