Does R1Soft work with LVM?

It does. But it is not fully supported as of 28th November, 2017. If you have a solid logical volume (which isn't under a thin pool), r1soft going to be able to back it up including the LVM configuration. Although, R1Soft fails to backup a thin volume. A reason why R1Soft fails to backup a thin volume is that, thin volume shares the same UUID with the thinpool and R1Soft maintains the disk safe based on UUID, which is why it conflicts with the R1Soft interest. Although, R1Soft is fully able to understand LVM and back the normal logical volumes without any problem.

According to current interest, it doesn't seem to be soon enough before we can see R1Soft supporting thin volumes. Thin pool and volumes are highly used among VM sellers (kvm specially), and they are not really a target for R1Soft just yet.
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