How to correct custom php.ini for taking all the settings of the server?

The following article should employ how to change a value of php.ini through a custom php.ini file under public_html directory:

This article will allow you to understand what changes needed to do to gather services like zend, ioncube, extensions etc on the custom php.ini file.

1. How to add Zend Optimizer support on custom php.ini

Simply add the following line on your php.ini file:


2. How to add Ioncube support on custom php.ini file:

Simply add the following line on your php.ini file:


3. How to add Zend Extension manager on custom php.ini file:

Simply add the following line on your php.ini file:



4. How to add ffmpeg - php on custom php.ini file:

To do this, you first need to add the extension_dir variable on your custom php.ini file. First, remove/rename to your custom php.ini file and check the phpinfo, from the phpinfo, you can find the value for the variable extension_dir, it is usually set to: /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613

So, to add extension_dir, simply add the following line in your php.ini file:


After that, add the following line to enable ffmpeg-php:


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